Our Mission is to plant a seed about the truth of God within a child's heart ... and send the word of God to flocks of children just waiting for His love.

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"For every book sold...3 children around the world will receive a booklet of God's love in their own language."

"God Made You"
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created by: Sparrow and Seed
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Please. Please. Please.
by Jihshhy

"Make more of these apps for different Christian stories. My four children love them!"

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"Do you know God made you?"

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Featured Testimony:
A young boy reacts to his personalized book of:

  [After reading the book] "As he was playing he kept talking about Jesus and how he wanted to be with Jesus. And the best part, later in the day he asked me "How can I be with Jesus?"..."
                                                                           ~Fred C.

 We are a private publishing company that publishes books for sale online and in stores.  With every book sold, a portion of the proceeds goes toward the printing and distributing of small booklets of our current titles to our partnered outreach missionaries.  These booklets communicate God's love for each child using their own name written within the storyline.

Where are these booklets going?

September 2011Karen Deming appears in Guideposts Korea magazine.
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February 21, 2011:
We received the first photos of children in Uganda, Africa enjoying  their new booklets.
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  January 2011:
Karen appears on KLAY 1180 radio and shares her testimony of salvation, and healing from depression.
August 8, 2010: "Do you know God made you?" being shared with children in Napu, Indonesia! 
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 May 30, 2010: Partnered missionaries in the Philippines receive and distribute the first booklets to the children in their mission field!
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