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8.5"x11" Hard cover, full color, 28 page book

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Do you know... God made You?
Written & Illustrated by Karen Deming

Book Kit Includes two 8.5"x11" sticky-back printable papers.  Simply print your child's photo from your digital camera onto this paper, trim, and stick into place.

"God said, "I want __________ for my world."  So God thought about everything that He would put into making ____________."

Read the above sentences by placing your name in the blanks. How does this make you feel?  Now imagine how i

t would make your child feel to hear these words. Your child will love to know that God says their name. They will see pictures of themselves, and learn how God thought about what color of hair and eyes they would have. But most of all, they will learn that God loves them - just as He made them! -- This unique book was written and illustrated for children age 3 and up.