Our Mission is to plant a seed about the truth of God within a child's heart ... and send the word of God to flocks of children just waiting for His love.

Testimonies Received

 Reviews of "Do you know...God made you?"  -- For boys
My grandson asked me how to pray, October 27, 2009
By Fred C.
My grandson really liked this book. He asked questions while reading it like "did God make monkey's?"
Even more special though was the things he talked about afterwards. As he was playing he kept talking about Jesus and how he wanted to be with Jesus. And the best part, later in the day he asked me "How can I be with Jesus".

I reminded him how God made him and showed him some pictures in the book and told him that he could talk to Jesus and that is called prayer. Then I wrote down a simple prayer for him - "Jesus, please forgive all my sins and be my Lord, amen". And he read that out loud a couple times. Later in the day he told another little girl that came to our house, "I prayed today to Jesus". And he showed her the book he got. They laughed at the mirror.

I think this is a great book with the simple thoughtful words and the illustrations that young children connect with. It is a great addition to a picture Bible and makes the concepts very personal to the child.
Extremely Pleased, October 15, 2009
By Samuel F.
We purchased this book for relatives and friends, and everyone has raved about the quality and content of the book.

Reviews of "Do you know...God made you?"  -- For girls
My granddaughter loved it,
October 27, 2009
By Fred C.
I got this for my granddaughter and put her picture in it ahead of time. When I gave her the book she even stopped and looked at the cover before opening it. She put her hand on the picture to see how the picture and her hand fit.

As she was reading it she started talking about the pictures and the children and said "this is really cool grandpa". When she got to her picture she shouted with glee "Hey thats me". She also looked in at the mirror that is on another page and made funny faces.
She read the whole book about two times. Then she took it and showed her older sister and read it to her. Then she carried it around with her for about an hour as she played other games.

When we were getting ready to take her home, and I told her to get her things, the first item she picked up was this book. When we were driving home she was talking about how Jesus made people and how He loves everyone and how she loves Jesus.

This is an excellent book and with beautiful illustrations. I recommend it for everyone.

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