Our Mission is to plant a seed about the truth of God within a child's heart ... and send the word of God to flocks of children just waiting for His love.

May 30, 2010

 An Email was received from our friend in the Philippines: Sook-Kyung.
written by Karen Deming

Casually checking my email while visiting family, I noticed an email from Sook-Kyung, a missionary from the Philippines who contacted me for booklets a few months ago.  Sook-Kyung and I continued to talk over email about getting the booklets translated into Cebuano.  It seemed to take quite a while to complete the task - but now looking back, I realize that it really didn't take us very long, especially considering the booklets hadn't yet been designed.

Sook-Kyung was very dedicated to this mission and I praise her for all her hard work - especially when the total came in from last years sales, showing we hadn't raised enough funds to support both of the outreach missionary organizations for booklets. 

Not knowing how much it would cost to print the booklets, I sent the funds we had over the internet and posted the translated files for printing.  Sook-Kyung emailed back letting me know that the total cost from the printer was more than I gave.  Before I said or did anything, she matched the amount I sent, and then raised the rest of the money with her team by having a yard sale.  She was able to print 600 booklets.  Three hunderd of the boys, and three hundred of the girls.

I was touched to see how much she believed in this project, and after I received her last email with the pictures of the children, my feelings of sorrow for not being able to fund all that was needed subsided into tears of joy over what the Lord had done through the two of us.

Here are some of the photos that she sent me: